Emerging Leader Institute

What is the Emerging Leaders Institute?

At Paradigm Shift, everything we do revolves around developing healthy, dynamic leaders. We are pleased to now offer our Emerging Leaders Institute, a fully customizable leadership track to help you identify and mature your current staff into high-level leaders.

E.L.I. is an in-depth professional development program for your employees with that special something that sets them apart. Whether through video or in-person training, we take your selected staff through each module utilizing our proprietary material formulated around adult learning theory.

With time for self-directed learning, group processing, and immersive hands-on activities, our workshops are focused on the whole person, taking into account relationships, prior experience, common goals and more.

At Paradigm Shift we know leadership is a lifestyle, not a trait reserved for the corner office. We will work with you to help your team grow deeper in their relationships, develop a leadership legacy plan, and identify future aspirations within the company.

Workshop Samples

Seven Levels of Influence

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Strengths-Based Leadership

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Ownership (or Just Passing By)

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Accountability without Accusation

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Trust, the Great Multiplier

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