Healthy Communication, Healthy Workplace

Communication is the heartbeat of leadership. When it is strong, the organization thrives. When communication is lacking, unhealthy tendencies emerge. Our communication workshops help to identify patterns and behaviors that enhance or limit positive communication. We discuss individual tendencies as well as systemic tendencies that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the group.

Developing effective leadership through effective communication is our focus. If we want to lead others, we must learn how to effectively and clearly communicate with each other. It requires asking the correct questions, developing legitimate answers, and practicing intentional listening.

The Paradigm Shift facilitators will go through a customized leadership development system that creates opportunities for leaders to develop their communication skills. The interactive activities during this workshop challenge the participants to work together to achieve common goals.

Our Communication Workshop Snapshot:

Workshop Samples

Speak Like A Pro (SLAP)

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Pool Party

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Lines of Communication

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Conflict Resolution

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