The Good Leader Podcast

With Jerrod Murr

E29 • 3 Easy Practices for a More Positive & Happier Life

November 22nd, 2021

I know the title might seem so clickbaity, but REALLY today we share 3 easy practices that will bring so much more positivity to your life, it’s actually kinda scary. If you’re struggling, going through a hard time in life right now, or in general could just use a more positive life, today is for…

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E11 • Leading Through Hard Times: Positivity vs Optimism

July 12th, 2021

At some point, every leader is faced with the challenge of leading through hard times. How we navigate these times are make-or-break moments for our teams. The answer isn’t pretending everything is OK & just staying positive. But “doom & gloom“ is definitely not the answer either. Today we discuss what it looks like to…

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