S2 E20 • How to Quit Slacking at Work & Get Motivated (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not as Simple as “Just Do It!”)

July 25th, 2022

Feeling like you could do better at work if only you had more motivation?

We feel that way all the time, which is why we created today’s episode.

It’s time to finally conquer the hill that keeps us from giving our all.

Today, we talk about 4 common killers of our drive and what will kelp you stay on track, so you can finally operate at the standard you’ve always wanted to.

And best of all, these tips are easy to follow and can be implemented right away.

So whether you’re looking to get ahead at work or just want to be more productive, this podcast is for you.

Start listening to this week’s episode! You won’t regret it.

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