Creating Culture

Human beings are built to do incredible things. We can build civilizations, create new technologies, and discover new ways to make life better, but all these amazing achievements require the right environment. Our job as leaders is to create that environment–one that is safe and encourages creativity and accomplishment, rather than fear and insecurity. This keynote will equip you to create the perfect environment in your workplace to foster creativity and generate life-changing opportunities.

From 8 Track to Emoji

Millennials are now the largest population in the workforce, so chances are you work with a few. This keynote will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to harness the potential of an age group with more unique generational markers than any other in history. We will prepare you to not only work well with them but also integrate their ideas into your corporate flow. We will also discuss practical strategies for creating better work environments in which Millennials thrive.

Work-Life Balance

We’re all looking for that ideal work-life balance, but how many of us actually find it? In today’s hectic, schedule-driven lifestyle with distractions constantly bombarding us, and modern technology allowing access to work 24 hours a day, this can seem like an impossible task. But in this keynote, we deconstruct what we mean by “work-life balance,” establishing a common framework from which we can build the ultimate lifestyle goal. With these tools, you can finally have the life balance you want.


Trust is often viewed as a wonderful soft skill or an additional nicety that could potentially help a company culture. This is a drastic understatement. When trust is high, execution is high. We work with organizations to take trust to the next level. We help employers build credibility with employees, and help peers develop higher levels of rapport. This keynote will empower you to build trust inside and outside your organization, building the way to a prosperous future for your staff and your clients.

Parlay: Connecting With People In A New Way

What is the difference in a network and a sphere of influence? In the new global economy, relationships are the currency of choice. The way in which you do business is more relevant than any other time in human history. In this keynote, we will discuss proven strategies for making more meaningful connections with peers, how to strengthen those relationships, and how to leverage those connections for mutual gain.