You can’t lead others without leading yourself well first. All of our assessments at Paradigm Shift will help improve the awareness of yourself and your team, resulting in efficient, healthy leaders.

We are certified in three powerful assessments:

The Birkman is the Cadillac of assessments and provides limitless uses for individual and team growth. The Birkman experience is unique in that your results only have a 3% variance over your lifetime, so you can take the assessment once and the results are applicable in both your professional and personal growth, forever. This assessment excels at putting verbiage to each team member’s individual hardwiring–opening up avenues for improved self-awareness, communication, and overall team functionality. We offer over 35 pages of individualized reports, addressing many areas including energizing activities, identifying stress triggers and reactions, motivational needs, career development reports, and more.
You can find more information about the Birkman Assessment here.

The DISC assessment is a very popular tool used to discuss people’s individual behavior differences. This assessment will help you facilitate better teamwork, manage teams more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees, and improve working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of team members. DISC profiles were created with workplace relationships in mind and offer strategies for working with, leading, managing, or selling to others.
You can find more information about the DISC assessment here.

The Influence Style Indicator is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others. Are you adapting your influence style to your target audience? Are your vision and passion being received by others as you intended? What steps can you take to be a more effective leader?
You can find more information about The Influence Style Indicator here.

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