Train the Trainer

Training Personalized to You

Based on your business goals, we will work with your management team to create material and customize training that delivers the organizational changes you need.

We expand upon your mission, vision, and desired leadership behaviors to create applicable training. This content can then be delivered in the fashion most acceptable to your team. We offer webinars, workshops, conferences, and retreats to meet the needs of your work environment.

Paradigm Shift has partnered with organizations all over the world, and these organizations, looking to merge education with a fun and inviting environment, work with us to build the curriculum. We focus on creating an atmosphere that invites participants to engage while positively directing company culture. Our goal is to present all desired behaviors from management teams in applicable ways.

Each organization is unique. We create curriculum and training to match that uniqueness.

Train the Trainer: Open Enrollment

Curriculum Development and Implementation

You Cast the Vision; We Execute.
What do you want to accomplish? We create goal-specific curriculum and provide teaching services, leaving attendees with executable action plans.

Lead Better Meetings

We Train You; You Train Your Team.
Time is valuable. The ability to lead effective and productive meetings is an invaluable skill. Add some fun to it, and you’re a winner!

Basic Experiential-Based Facilitation

Learn how to use practical leadership and adventure-based models to help leaders develop powerful relationships, create personal responsibility, and develop a defined purpose.

Advanced Experiential-Based Facilitation

Dig into the intricate skills of facilitation by developing dynamic keynotes and interactive workshops. Paradigm Shift will challenge your team to learn how to lead intentionally.