Our Bailiwick

We Empower Leaders

We are passionate about leadership, and offer leadership development in a variety of formats.

What Sets Us Apart

Adult Learning Theory

All of our material is based on the latest findings in adult learning theory. Adult learning theory focuses on the unique ways that adults learn and process information differently than younger groups. Because we recognize that adult learners tend to be more self-directed, internally motivated, and ready to learn, our services are distinctly tailored to be the most effective and impactful. We incorporate the six traits of adult learners into all of our trainings.

  1. Self Concept
  2. Adult Learner Experience
  3. Readiness to Learn
  4. Orientation to Learning
  5. Motivation to Learn
  6. Purpose to Learn

Experiential-Based Learning

Our trainings are never boring! We know that busy, productive adults must apply their learned knowledge in the moment. We offer many hands-on opportunities and times for reflection, collaboration, and application within our workshops.

Staff Diversity

We have over 80 consultants with various backgrounds from academia, non-profit management, executive coaching, and more. We are a Native-American owned business and pride ourselves on the diversity of our staff.

Personal Touch

Every one of our workshops is custom made and tailored to meet the specific goal of each client. No bland, mass-produced material here!

Change Your Paradigm, Change Your World.